Light Source Design

LCD Backlight /  Diffuser Sheet / Micro Lens Array(MLA) Sheet / Lenticular Lens Design / Light Guide Plate / Uniform Light Source / Optimized Light Angle Design / LED Package / LED Secondary Lens / LED Color Mixing / Flash Light Strobe
——————–Camera Module Design
Ghost Analysis / Corrective Action / Flare Analysis / Ultra-Uniform Backlight for MTF & SFR / Relative Illumination / Relative Uniformity / Optical Center / Color Calibration / Window Size Design / Glass Filter Black Mask Design

Automotive Head Lamp
eflector Design / LED Array Optimization / Light Source / Secondary Lens
——————–Optical Design Analysis
Retro-Reflective Film Design / Flash Lamp Reflector / Optical Problem Failure Analysis / Optical Problem Corrective Action / Particle Analysis / Optical Pattern Design / Moire Design / Optical System Design / Viewing Angle Protection Pattern Design

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