앞에서 알아본 RADIANT 명령어의 추가 기능에 대해서 알아보자. 아래의 Help를 보면 알 수 있듯이 RADIANT 명령어에는 MAPAREA 라는 옵션이 있다. RADIANT… MAP은 픽셀에 대한 입체각 당 Flux(Flux/sr)를 계산하고, RADIANT… AREA 는 투영면에 대한 입체각 당 Flux(Flux/sr/m^2)를 계산한다.

Calculates the far-field incoherent intensity or radiance of the currently selected ray data.

RADIANT [ X  [ f f’ n a a’ n’ ] ] [ MAP  [ s ] ]  [ LOW ]
Y                                           AREA              HIGH

Option Description
X, Y, or Z specifies polar axis of the coordinate system (default Z)
f f’ zenith/latitude angle ranges
n number of zenith/latitude subdivisions
a a’ azimuth/longitudinal angle ranges
n’ number of azimuth/longitudinal subdivisions
MAP radiant intensity (flux per solid angle) calculation option; produces polar plots of the radiant intensity as a function of spatial position
s polar diagram rescaling factor
LOW/HIGH resolution factor
AREA radiance (flux per solid angle per projected area) calculation option; producesa distribution file containing the radiance (flux/solid angle/projected unit area)




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